Why Shred?

Identity theft and unauthorized disclosure of private information has reached epidemic proportions. According to CBS News’ report on findings by Javelin Strategy & Research, some 16.7 million individuals were affected by ID theft in 2017, the most ever.


Whether in your home or business, many types of authorized information is at risk. Experian reports that the most common forms of identity theft in 2017 were credit card fraud, employment or tax-related fraud, phone or utilities fraud, bank fraud, loan or lease fraud, and government documents or benefits fraud. (See graph below.)


With increasing risk of theft and continually expanding federal laws mandating that all businesses, healthcare facilities, and financial institutions protect the confidential information of their customers, clients, and patients, it’s imperative that you establish a shredding program. Failure to do so can expose your organization to severe fines, bad publicity, and lost business.


Let Shred Works do the heavy lifting when it comes to protecting authorized information in your care.